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Support − EMail
  |  Monday, April 12, 2021 4:02:09 PM

E-mail Virus Scanning

Virus Scanning
Mathbox scans all incoming and outgoing mail on our mail servers for viruses. Although E-mail virus scanning is an expensive and technically challenging proposition for Mathbox, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the service, technology, and dependabilty they deserve. We hope our customers enjoy the benefits.
Why Scan For Viruses: Even though end users are concerned about viral infections, many are lax about keeping their virus definitions updated. Others do not have Email scanning enabled. And finally, some simply do not have virus scanning installed on their computers. By default, many virus scanners halt email processing until the virus notice is cleared, making end user virus scanning an irritating and time consuming process. Mathbox offers Email virus scanning as a first line of defense against the spread of viruses. By pre-scanning email messages for viruses, Mathbox can eliminate virus laden messages, thereby reducing the work load of the responsible end user. Finally, pre-scanning messages for viruses helps stop the spread of viruses by irresponsible end users.
What Happens When We Detect a Virus: When a virus is detected in a scanned email message, the message is bounced back to the sender.
Mathbox Disclaimer: Although Mathbox will take every precaution to ensure our virus definitions are up to date, Mathbox cannot and will not take any responsibility for any virus that passes through our mail servers. Ultimately, the end user is responsible for the integrity of their computing environment. Mathbox fully expects every end user to have a virus scanner installed and running with Email scanning enabled.