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Services − Web Software
  |  Sunday, July 25, 2021 4:10:17 AM

Mathbox Tools Overview

Mathbox Tools are software programs developed by Mathbox in the areas of content management, e-commerce, productivity, and security. The primary objective of Mathbox Tools is functionality for the customer without imposing any web site layout or design constraints. The Mathbox Tools maintenance area provides the customer with a consistent, easy to use interface to all of the tools. Many of the sub-components like Category and Contact are used by multiple tools. Re-use of these standard sub-components increases the reliability of the sub-components and shortens the learning curve when using the maintenance interface or when using a tool to display information on the web page.

Content Management

Content management tools provide a mechanism that allows the separation of content from the design and layout of the web site. The content of the web site is stored in a database. The design and layout are placed in one or more templates. When display of a page is required, the content is injected into the template at display time. Most sites require only a single template. However, site functionality may require an additional template or two. A good example of multiple template use is the printed page view versus the normal page view. Designs based on templates provide consistent, reproducible pages across the entire web site. How many times have you visited a web site where a menu item worked on one page, but not on other pages or a design graphic displayed correctly on one page but not on another? Design templates eliminate inconsistency issues. Because the content does not have to be reproduced in a new design, content management along with design templates allow rapid redesign. A set of pre-designed templates allow a template to be swapped in at any time to reflect seasonal, holiday, or sales driven designs.

Mathbox Tools provide the following content management tools:

  • Article
  • Category
  • Contact
  • Event Calendar
  • Faq
  • Link


Mathbox Tools provide the following e-commerce tools:

  • Catalog is complete e-commerce package for selling downloadable or shippable products on the web. Catalog modules include product management, shopping cart, shipping control, country and state availability and sales tax control, credit card processing, sale notification, and reports.
  • Store is the future replacement of Catalog. Although still in development, Store is in active use by a select set of customers.


Mathbox Tools provide the following productivity tools:

  • Call Center
  • File Exchange
  • InPatient
  • Job Posting
  • Multiple Choice Test


Mathbox Tools provide the following security tools:

  • Contact
  • User
  • Group


Mathbox Tools provide the following miscellaneous tools:

  • Form Handler
  • HVMenu
  • Log
  • Maintenance Menu
  • Site