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Services − Web Software
  |  Monday, April 12, 2021 2:43:59 PM


Allows a user, typically a member of the Administrators group, with User Management permission to create user groups, delete user groups, and manage group permissions.

Group provides a mechanism for managing a collection of user accounts as a single security context.

A user account can be a member of zero or more groups as dictated by need.

A group can have zero or more user account members.

Members of a group inherit the permissions assigned to the group. Therefore, changing the permissions assigned to a group affects the overall permission of each member.

Further, groups can be enabled and disabled. Disabled groups do not contribute to a member's overall permission.

Group permissions are automatically applied within the Mathbox Tools Maintenance area.

Using "MathboxTools.User" COM object, of which Group is a class, web developers/designers can programmatically provide a security context for their web pages.