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Services − Web Software
  |  Monday, April 12, 2021 2:01:33 PM

Call Center

Mathbox Call Center was specifically designed for use in a medical practice environment. Mathbox Call Center is GE Centricity compatible. Mathbox Call Center can be used as a stand alone application or can look up existing patients by interfacing with an existing GE Centricity installation. Mathbox offers this software for sale or as a hosted application.

Purchase Mathbox Call Center
When purchasing Mathbox Call Center, the software license is provided to your organization and may be installed on a single server computer. Please note the license is to the organization that purchases the software and the organization cannot resell, rent, sublet or share the software.

There is no User limit and no Call limit.

System Requirements: Microsoft IIS version 5 or later and Microsoft SQL (desktop version is okay).

Hosted Mathbox Call Center
Mathbox hosted software applications reside on servers that are accessed through the Internet. Reduced costs, instant deployment, no maintenance, and reduced administration are among some of the main benefits of a hosted application.

For more information, call Mathbox at 1-877-MATHBOX (1-877-628-4269).