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  |  Monday, April 12, 2021 2:48:37 PM

Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail Hosting

Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail is designed to leave e-mail messages (or copies of e-mail messages) on the e-mail server, allowing users to check their messages from multiple locations. When users check their e-mail, only the headers of the incoming messages are initially downloaded. The contents of messages are downloaded when users open particular messages.

Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail Access

  • Desktop: Manage your e-mails and calendars with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Vista's Mail and Calendar, and Entourage on Macintosh applications. Users can share Calendars, Contacts, Free/Busy scheduling, Resource scheduling, Global Address List, Journal, Notes, Tasks, Shared folders and Public folders.
  • WebMail: Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail service is accessible by a WebMail client where you can access full groupware features with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Wireless Mobile: Users can respond to e-mail and meeting invitations while on the go. Users can also push e-mail, calendars, contacts and tasks to mobile workers. Sync wirelessly with the Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Treo Palm, Blackberry*, and Symbian devices that use Mail for Exchange or DataViz's RoadSync client

  • * Blackberry – client based synchronization. Choose from two third-party ActiveSync client.

Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail Data Security

All data is backed up daily to protect against data loss. All incoming mail is automatically checked for viruses and spam.

Peace of Mind

No server is required at your location. There is no need to worry about servers going down, time needed for a server installation and/or continuous server monitoring with regular upgrades and patches.

Save Money

An in-house deployment of a Microsoft Exchange Server can cost thousands of dollars. Mathbox offers Collaboration Mail service for a small monthly fee with no long term commitment or contract. Our starter 3GB Collaboration Mail account is priced at $10.00/month. Please note if data storage goes over 3GB, additional account storage is priced at $3.00/1GB/month. There is a one-time set-up fee of $25.00/mail account.


Please note we can provide Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail service domain wide or to specific mail accounts within a domain hosted at Mathbox.



Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail Hosting

Mathbox Collaboration E-Mail FeaturesDomain E-Mail Account
Monthly Fee $10.00
Mathbox Collaboration Accessible Mailboxes 1
Additional Collaboration E-Mail Accounts
Monthly fee for each additional domain e-mail account.
E-Mail Storage
Storage per mailbox
3 GB
Additional E-Mail Storage
Monthly fee for additional 1 GB of account storage.
Account Setup Fee
One time set-up fee.
Unlimited Domain E-Mail Aliases
SPAM Scanning  
SPAM Connection Filtering
SPAM Content Filtering (optional)
Virus Scanning  
Virus Scanning (optional)
Attachment Blocking (optional)
E-Mail Backup  
Daily Backup
Daily backups of e-mail. NOTE: Includes only e-mail in the mailbox at the time the backup occurs.
Monthly Backup
Monthly backup of e-mail burned on DVD and stored long term in a fire-proof safe. NOTE: Includes only e-mail in the mailbox at the time the backup occurs.
Customer Support  
Live Telephone Customer Support
E-Mail Support
[Report A Hosting Issue] [Request Help From Support].
Web Ticket Support
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Server Support  
All servers, routers, and other equipment are monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Power Conditioning
All servers, routers, and other equipment are powered through uninterruptible battery back-up power with back-up generators.